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Elm Valley Lane 6 and The Chic Family

Once the idea of the house began to take shape, I came up with Victoria and her daughter, maybe even two, living in it. I desinged the house by that base and it helped a lot when having a blank moment. I ment to decorated the house as detailed as possible and create a shabby chic style there. Oh how difficult it was to skip all the lovely CC that would have fitted there so well... I did only Victoria, because I remembered a single, handsome man I made to my neighbourhood, Antero. He lived with he's parents and two sisters. Their family name is... Um, well it is a little weird. It came from the randomizer and surely is not a real family name. Victoria moved in and out with Antero to a little cottage, where their first child was born (and the other one too, and he wasn't a girl because I forgot to feed Victoria the last watermelon, but thats not a part of the story). Victoria got abducted by an alien called Sunnup Ayhod, so I kidnapped her to the family. Meanwhile I was searching for Narnia themed CC and came up with a thing, and added a witch to the family as well... Oh and a unicorn too...

Elm Valley Lane 6 was built in 1879 after Victorian style reached Elm Valley. It was a cozy little home for an elderly couple, that their children and granchildren inherited. It was renovated in the 50' and again after interior designer Victoria Chic, her fiance doctor Antero Keski-Kohtamä bought it and moved in with their new born daughter Sanna. Victoria wanted a bright and light home with a warm atmosphere. After the renovation was complete and their second child was born, they got married in the front yard.

 Sannas bedroom. It's a little messy

Sunnup playin the piano

 Sanna as a toddler with her beloved doll.

Recepies are in good order in the bookcase

Antero is very enthusiastic over wines. He has a nice collection.

A little library with fireplace for a book loving family

The attic is very scary place with stuff from over a century

Who knows what secrets it holds...

Sanna and her, umh, best friend
Victoria loves reading about gardens and history

A place out of sight for planting and chopping firewood

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